About Us

Our Secret

“When planning for a year, plant corn. When planning for a decade, plant trees. When planning for life, train and educate people.”

You are probably expecting to see here the usual list of values, vision and mission as you’ve seen so many times before. We decided to tell you something different. We’d rather take this opportunity to share with you our secret. Yes, the one that makes it all come together for us. The one that makes us tick. And actually it’s very simple, our secret.
As a team, we share many years of experience in technology industries. There we continually encountered the need to improve individual performance; ours, our employees and partners, and preferably with the effective use of company resources. We realized the really important recurring investment for any company is in their people - their employees, their customers, their partners. Helping other companies to do that is what brings us satisfaction. Our secret is that we believe in what we do and enjoy doing it every day.
Join us for the ride and benefit from our passionate quest to improve your business.

Our Team

Zvi Dror

Chairman of BOD

Founder of Dror communication systems Ltd. 30 years of experience in managing companies and projects in the communication control and remote supervision field. Vast knowledge in the global and local communication markets. Practical experience in establishing contacts in the global markets.

Dr. Josef Ben-Ezra


PhD. From University of Tel-Aviv, head lecturer in Holon Technological Institute (HIT) in the field of communication engineering, with 20 years of experience in developing communication systems and signal processing.

Extensive experience in leading development projects in the recognizing and signal processing field.

Luca Bercovici


During his 40 year of career he has founded several companies, such as Foxcom, Mobile Access, EWS and Optiway. With a track record of working with high-growth companies, he accomplished several senior level management, including CEO of EWS and Optiway.

Sagi Dror


Since joining Dror Communications Systems in 1998, Sagi has accumulated direct management experience in successfully developing and implementing annual operations plans.